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European Mains Power Supply Adaptor

European Mains Power Supply Adaptor

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European Mains Power Supply Adaptor

Using this European mains power adaptor ensures that your Concept Research Ultrasonic pest deterrent will always operate at full capacity.
Integral 10 metre (32 feet) lead. Maintains operation at peak efficiency.
Increases the power output of Concept Research Pest Deterrents by up to 30%!
Economic to run
Will run up to 2 deterrents with connector kit
Integral 10m (32 ft) lead
Compatible with CATWatch, CATFree, FOXWatch, PESTFree, PESTFree+ and PESTController.

If operating 2 deterrents from 1 mains power supply then 1 or more extra leads & 1 connector kit will be required.