fox deterrent

fox deterrent

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FOXWatch is the Ultrasonic fox deterrent that protects your property from foxes by using bursts of Ultrasonic sound.

Please take your usual safety precautions.
This product will also deter dogs.

FOXWatch is the Ultrasonic fox deterrent that detects body heat and once triggered, releases bursts of Ultrasound resulting in the fox retreating. It is an innovative and humane way of banishing foxes from your property.
Inaudible to humans and harmless to all species 
Operates day and night in most weather conditions
Power supply: 1 x 9 volt Duracell battery or for increased performance use the optional mains adaptor (30% louder sound)
Covers up to 125 sq. m
2 year warranty 
Proudly made in Great Britain
FOXWatch is designed to run trouble free all year round and in all weather conditions from -30° C to +60° C. The low voltage computer controlled micro circuitry is completely sealed inside the unit so that in the unlikely event of water entering inside - it will still continue to function and be absolutely safe to touch.

FOXWatch can be moved and positioned at ground level in seconds or secured at the base of walls, fences and trees. Simply clip in a battery (not included) or use the optional mains adaptor kit, then switch on and relax. Requires 1 x 9v Duracell alkaline battery. Average battery life is 2 - 3 months. 

Most animals like ourselves cannot hear the FOXWatch alarm, this includes birds, frogs, hedgehogs and rabbits. Dogs can hear the alarm and will be deterred from entering the protected area.